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Addition 14 – I Am Not The Only Parent This is Happening To

She has never been in handcuffs or to jail even once in her life. She is a very kind person. She has never used drugs.

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She does not nor has been accused of hitting her kids. Her name has been tarnished by his drama and manipulations twice in the past as is common with victims of DV. They were both accused of child abuse on two of his kids from a prior relationship but she does not blame that Mom for doing it because he had had complete control of her kids for 4 years prior.

He has six kids.

He has six felonies plead down for yelling at a judge and jury years prior. He has a misdemeanour theft charge. Her ex took a plea of child abuse non specific of their kids. She took a plea of injurious environment due to domestic violence on his part that she was actively seeking to escape from. Yet he still has the kids and has not had to take a single DV class.

Because the victim was blamed and shamed and the abuser is getting away with it. Georgia saw probable cause to step in and protect them. That changed.


Mobile, AL at the direction of Judge George Brown continued to work against what is in the best interest for the girls. He ordered the removal of children from the only parent they have ever truly known and placed them with their abuser? A man who has been so sporadic in their lives that the girls deem him as a stranger. She is in transition back to Mobile, AL jail and will answer to charges of custodial interference.

Dana did what any good mother would do. She protected her children and continues to fight for them.

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Let me explain how bad it is. Judge George Brown handed over custody without due process, any investigation, no nothing.

My daughters have been through hell. ACS told Alex, the father, that because of sexual abuse allegations against him, he is not allowed to be around the girls alone. But now this judge Brown and his friends have not only stole my daughters, they are doing everything to hinder my contact with my daughters and their return home.

My family and I have now not been allowed contact with the girls. Before then it was December 28,! Not only did my daughters begged to come home, and cry. They are being further alienated and access is being denied. ACS, the girls lawyer, and Alex lawyer all laughed at the last meeting we had on April 30, They are playing a Time game.

Pushing everything further and further out. I was told at least I got to see my children for 45 minutes at the psych evaluation! I recorded everything, I record everything, always wearing a body cam like the police. I trust nothing or no one. This is a kidnapping and there needs to be accountability.

It now appears that courts have been tasked with the destruction of families. As a result, the court may assign the child to live with the pedophile father. Fascinating, huh? I have audio recordings of them saying what he does to them. There is no way that they are being coached.

In any situation this would be considered to be aggravated assault. Do you have similar experience? A barrister who comments at GumshoeNews says it is commonplace for judges in NSW to tamper with their own records.


It sounds illogical to people that this is a paedophile-protecting system! I assure you she does not. The Youth Court has not yet referred the case to Child Protective Services, where she can potentially be forensically examined and interviewed. How can this be justified??? Nothing makes sense. This is deliberate incompetence by the police.

Amanda Piper My case in Monterey County is just like this. My kids said dad makes us all shower together, and it hurts. Then Monterey County Courts placed the kids with him, miles from me, and told them I was dead. Check out my website for moms…www. My ex has domestically assaulted other women besides me and his guns were taken away from him.

He has also spent nights in a mental hospital. She made up bogus claims about me like I lived in feces, I did not feed my daughter, and I denied my daughter medical care. All untrue.


One more thought about the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses: neither, in my judgment, justifies judges in trying to make our Constitution fit the times, or hold laws constitutional or not on the basis of a judge's sense of fairness. Splitting The child's symptoms evidence the pathology of splitting in which the child displays a polarized perception of his or her parents, with the supposedly favored parent characterized as the ideal all-wonderful parent whereas the targeted parent is characterized as the entirely bad and worthless parent. In Re: Plaintiff:. Even where all substantive requirements are concededly met, we know of no instance where two consenting adults may divorce and mutually liberate themselves from the constraints of legal obligations that go with marriage, and more fundamentally the prohibition against remarriage, without invoking the State's judicial machinery. Since the court considered the lack of community property a significant factor in determining the amount of the alimony award, that part of the judgment is also reversed.

The judge ordered my ex to take anger management and parenting classes. Even though he obviously knew my ex was a lousy parent with anger issues, he switched primary custody to him. As soon my ex got primary custody and my entire life savings, he filed a move-away motion. I was denied an evidentiary hearing on that and had to move far away to where they lived all by myself, without any friends or family.

I miss my daughter very much. The judge and GAL ignored the substantiated child abuse against him, his drug use, lack of employment, unpaid child support and other indications of his unfitness for custody. My children were pulled from school the day of the hearing and sent off to live with their father in a far away state. I was only permitted to say goodbye to them in the lobby of the courthouse.

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I doubt anything will change then, so I feel like I have lost my children. Angelina had reported domestic violence and physical and sexual abuse of her children, but, as usual, the judge deemed her a liar and switched custody to the father. So she was forced to flee to protect her children. She avoided capture and applied for asylum in Brazil on the basis her human rights had been violated since she was not afforded due process in the custody hearing. Not surprisingly, Brazilian judges denied her application and ordered her to take her children back to Denmark.

Angelina returned to Denmark in October with her children where she was arrested and charged with abduction, and the children were, of course, placed under the full custody of the father. Angelina is appealing the conviction.

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Her mother, Laney did the only thing a mother what left with to protect her daughter from the worst kind of abuse-she fled into hiding. All of them were turned away from even entering the courtroom.

source link This is the biggest problem in most of our cases! That was over five years ago and Judge Doherty has not allowed Laney to see Macey since, using pending criminal charges as the pretext. She should have been. Macey at least in supervised visits. Macey will turn 13 next month.

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Divorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, is the process of terminating a marriage or Senator Pia Cayetano has filed a separate divorce bill in the Senate. During that time .. Gonzalez, Libertad and Viitanen, Tarja K., The Effect of Divorce Laws on Divorce Rates in Europe (March ). Bosco, Jessica. " What Is. Hague Conventions and the increasing federalization of family law. The state family law .. that the Florida law banning adoption by homosexual parents violated the equal protection .. ()). Ross v. In re Marriage of Williams, P.3d (Mont. ) (finding Tennessee Jessica Thomas. Texas Rob.

She has been deprived of her mother. We have to go live with our father? The Air Force had deemed the abuse allegations against [the father] as lacking evidence, but as this reporter previously covered [linked below], an extraordinary amount of evidence from photographs, video, medical records and witnesses supports the allegations.

This evidence includes five disclosures by the boys themselves to non-parental caregivers, medical authorities and child welfare authorities.