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The appraisal department within our office formulates assessed values as properties change or are newly created through subdivision. Visit Our Blog. Sisko Jr. The real estate tax is an important revenue source for county government, 11 school districts, and 37 municipalities within Indiana County. This is different during a reassessment year in which the owner has 40 days to file an appeal as of the day of the reassessment notice.

Where's My Income Tax Refund? Customer Service. Feedback Survey. Duties include collecting property data on residential new construction, inspecting existing properties to verify property characteristicsare accurate - up to date on county records, and other duties as assigned.


NETR Online • Pennsylvania Public Records, Search Pennsylvania Records, Pennsylvania Property Tax Pennsylvania Property Search, Pennsylvania. As a Potter County Tax Parcel Viewer The County of Potter, PA makes no claims as to the completeness, accuracy or content of any data.

The computer operator has the responsibility of maintaining the information that is entered into the AS computer systems. The AS computer is our way of electronically storing our property and occupational tax information.

The computer technician updates all information on the database and prints reports for use by the county offices. The assessment clerk's responsibility is to deal with the general public, by answering questions through phone calls and through office visits.

They also assist the Computer Operator in making the necessary changes to property information in multiple and to the computer databases, relating to property and occupational tax information. Here is where you will find all assessment forms.


Keith L. The map sheet number is always followed by a dash. Parcel number. Sub-parcel number. Always preceded by a decimal point.

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Sub-parcel alpha suffix. Always upper-case and never an "I" or an "O".

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