Switzerland birth records from 1820

Switzerland Civil Registration
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To find out if FamilySearch has microfilmed the civil registration, it is necessary to know the town of interest, which can then be searched in the FamilySearch catalog. If you cannot find a marriage record, you may need to search for one of the records showing the intention of a couple to marry, which include:. The use of city directories may assist in identifying the civil registration district in which an ancestor lived. The largest religious groups in Germany are the Catholics and the Evangelical Lutherans.

To research your family in church records, it is necessary to know the town and in many cases the parish for larger towns. To facilitate the location of church records, there are two portals that researchers will want to investigate. Not everything can be viewed in English. H36 Note: This is an ongoing project, with new volumes added frequently. Two useful databases on FamilySearch with extracted entries from records to aid in the identification of town of origin include:.

FamilySearch FamilySearch currently offers the images of the church and civil registration for those registers deposited in the Marburg State Archives, — FamilySearch offers many microfilmed parish records for Germany. To locate the appropriate microfilms, use the FamilySearch online catalog to search for the town from which the ancestry came.

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Note this site is in Norwegian. Source: National Library of Estonia. Vital records, typically retained by a civic authority, gives people an even more comprehensive picture of your ancestor, help you differentiate between two people using the exact same name, and allow you to discover links to a new generation. All rights reserved. Popular shareware program.

Most Germans emigrated during one of the following migration waves and for the following reasons:. FamilySearch—Germany Emigration and Immigration. Deutsches Auswandererhaus Bremerhaven This site is devoted to the museum and the emigration that passed through the port of Bremerhaven. Passenger lists are often the first step in identifying a German immigrant and may be arrival lists in the U. These lists can be found on a number of online sites including:. AGGSH e. Arbeits-Gemeinschaft Genealogie Schleswig-Holstein e. Genealogy Work Group Schleswig-Holstein offers a place to submit information on your known emigrants from this area of Germany.

You can also submit a research request. There are other resources available on this site including some census records. They also have some resources for early German immigrants and a large variety of emigration records from towns and ports in Germany these records are in German.

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Guide to Switzerland Online Genealogy Records for researching ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth, marriage, death, census, church, military. Civil registration is the government record of births, marriages, and deaths. ( Citizens' Books) were kept by some communities as early as the s.

Selection of a year is required and then an alphabetical list of the names is displayed. It comprises information on emigrants who left Europe between and It presently contains information on 5 million emigrants. Bremen This site includes a searchable database of the Bremen emigration lists as well as other valuable online information and resources about families of Bremen some areas may require membership in the Genealogical Society of Bremen. FamilySearch This site includes the arrival passenger lists for most U. Many emigrants had to request permission to leave Germany, especially those men who may have been required to serve in the military.

However, if a family was trying to avoid military service they may have left without official documents. A search of the online catalog at FamilySearch should be done for the region, amt country subdivision , and town for possible emigration documents. Jones, Jr. J67 Ports by Ira A. Glazier and P.

G38 Ports in the s by Ira A. G39 Church records are crucial for pre Swiss research.

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Since civil authorities in several areas of Switzerland generally did not begin registering vital statistics until the late 's, church records are often the only sources of family information before this time. Passenger arrival records can contain many facts.

Ellis Island was the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States from until The National Archives has a good page on U. Records of Immigration Across the U. Albans Lists.

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The five major U. You can use these links to find information about the available indexes for these ports. New York Passenger Lists.

Boston Passenger Lists. Baltimore Passenger Lists. Philadelphia Passenger Lists. New Orleans Passenger Lists.

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You can find a list of nearly every U. It's not easy to read. A guide to German-Gothic writing. Here are links that contain French, German, Italian words with their English translations. French Word List:. German Word List:. Italian Word List:.

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When you get to the point where you can recognize words or phrases, the following information is important:. Surnames can be underlined in the records.

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If you see -in suffix added to a surname it signifies a female. Example Muller and Mullerin. The baptism register contains the name of the child, the name and occupation of the father, the name of the mother including her maiden name, and names of the sponsors. Death registers may include the profession of the dead person, the cause of death, the date and place of death, and the date and place of the burial. This register might also be called the Begaben Register, meaning the burial register. This will list the married couple, sometimes their ages, their parent whether the parents are alive or dead, the father's occupation and towns of residence.

Abbreviations in Registers:. J, M, T. Measurements and Other Terms German English. Juchart Measure of land,used for acre. Originally the amount that could be ploughed in one day, which varied considerably from place to place. The metric system became the only legally recognized system in Pfund pre c grams. Scheffel pre c 55 liters.