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The goal of this Florida inmate finder is not only to promote public welfare and safety, but to provide information services. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. We will need a middle name or age to filter the results.

Qualifications for Beginning a Career as a Correctional Officer in Florida

Florida Inmate Records and Additional Info Because it is intended to be a reference guide, this inmate finder assumes no responsibility or liability for any inaccuracies. There are about 23, employees within the Department of Corrections, the majority of which are either probation officers or correctional officers. As of , this complex had a staff of and a maximum inmate capacity of 1, SafeCart is the retailer of products on this site. GS-6 or GS Federal correctional officers may be rated GS Search Bradford County current and released inmates, or view inmates booked in the previous 24 hours.

You might also contact the Florida Department of Corrections to find out if he has been released from prison. Visit the Florida Department of Corrections Website 2.

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Search their Inmate Release Information Search 3. Enter the first and last name and DC Number 4. View inmate photos and release dates. Do you know if your father is locked up in a Florida federal prison or Florida state prison? Typically you can lookup Florida inmates by name or DOC number but if you have more information this will help to filter the results.

If you are looking to contact a Florida Incarcerated Inmate your best option is to contact the Florida Department of Corrections website and use their Florida Offender Search. You can lookup Florida inmates by name or DC number. Then you can find out how to contact that inmate via phone, mail or email.

With the Florida offender search you can lookup Florida inmates by name or their Florida Department of Corrections number. If you still cannot find the Florida inmate in question you can also call the Florida Department of Corrections Directly. You might consider contacting the Florida Department of Corrections to inquire about where the person in question is incarcerated in Florida.

Our Florida inmate search did not come up with any current results for Federico. If he was originally incarcerated in Georgia and then moved to Florida you might want to contact both the Florida Department of Corrections and the Georgia Department of Correction. Below are links for your convenience.

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She got transferred last friday from lorain county jail ohio. You should try visiting the Florida Department of Corrections website and using their free offender search.

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I was told he was being transferred to another facility. I have to wait for him to call and say where he is.

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All I ask is, where is my son!? Robert Whittle. Your best option in this case Lana is to contact the Florida Correctional Facility directly to inquire about this situation. I am trying to locate Rolando Gutierrez junior he is 25 and he is in FL doc. I need an address I can reach him at with a letter. Juan, unfortunately we do not have any record of Tina White in our Florida public record database. Why do we educate offenders?

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Ninety-five percent of inmates will return to society. We believe that educating offenders is key to reducing recidivism. Health Services Information. Returning Citizens Achieving Success. Read More Success Stories.

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