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In this scenario, the authoritative DNS server usually sees the name resolution request coming from the LDNS server and, very rarely, from the user's computer.

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Because of this, the source IP address in the name resolution request as seen by the authoritative DNS server is that of the LDNS server and not that of the user's computer. However, using the IP address of the LDNS server when you configure geo-location based query responses provides a fair estimate of the geo-location of the user, because the user is querying the DNS server of his local ISP.

To configure DNS policy for geo-location based query responses, you must perform the following steps. You must perform these steps on the DNS server that is authoritative for the zone you want to configure. Membership in DnsAdmins , or equivalent, is required to perform the following procedures. The following sections include example Windows PowerShell commands that contain example values for many parameters.

derivid.route1.com/identidad-religiosa-y-relaciones-de-trabajo.php Ensure that you replace example values in these commands with values that are appropriate for your deployment before you run these commands. The first step is to identify the subnets or IP address space of the regions for which you want to redirect traffic.

For example, if you want to redirect traffic for the U. You can obtain this information from Geo-IP maps.

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After the client subnets are configured, you must partition the zone whose traffic you want to redirect into two different zone scopes, one scope for each of the DNS Client Subnets that you have configured. For example, if you want to redirect traffic for the DNS name www. A zone scope is a unique instance of the zone.

The same record can be present in multiple scopes, with different IP addresses or the same IP addresses. By default, a zone scope exists on the DNS zones.

How the DNS name resolution process works

This zone scope has the same name as the zone and legacy DNS operations work on this scope. In USZoneScope, you can add the record www. In this example, you must also use the following Windows PowerShell commands to add records into the default zone scope to ensure that the rest of the world can still access the woodgrove.

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The ZoneScope parameter is not included when you add a record in the default scope. Enter a host name or an IP address:.

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