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Dairy farmers had an estimated 43, milk cows, which produced million lb million kg of milk in Also during , poultry farmers produced an estimated 7. In , Louisiana was second behind only Alaska in the size and value of its commercial landings, with nearly 1. The most important species caught in Louisiana are shrimp, hard blue crab , and oysters. In , shrimp landings in Louisiana amounted to In , the state commercial fleet had 8, boats and 2, vessels.

In , there were 90 processing and wholesale plants in the state. Louisiana produces most of the US crawfish harvest. With demand far exceeding the natural supply, crawfish farming began about In , 1, crawfish farms covered some , acres 47, hectares , producing Spring water levels of the state's Atchafalaya Basin cause the wild crawfish harvest to vary from year to year. Catfish are also cultivated in Louisiana, on 38 farms covering some 7, acres 3, hectares in , with a inventory of about The Natchitoches National Fish Hatchery focuses on paddlefish, striped bass, and pallid sturgeon, but also raises largemouth bass, bluegill, and catfish in limited quantities.

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The principal forest types are loblolly and shortleaf pine in the northwest, longleaf and slash pine in the south, and hardwood in a wide area along the Mississippi River. Lumber production totaled 1. Louisiana has one national forest, Kisatchie, with a gross area of 1,, acres , hectares within its boundaries; gross acreage of National Forest System lands in the state was 2,, acres , hectares in According to preliminary data, the production of salt in totaled Louisiana in was the largest salt producing state in the United States.

As of , Louisiana had 43 electrical power service providers, of which 22 were publicly owned and 13 were cooperatives. Of the remainder, five were investor owned, and three were owners of independent generators that sold directly to customers. As of that same year there were 2,, retail customers.


Parish or not. Obituary with photo in Green Date of Death Misty Dawn .. Otha Lee. Copes. May Richard P. Sevier. Purvis M. Copes. Burial will follow at Shiloh Baptist Cemetery in DeRidder, LA. Danny (Tammie ) Daley, Sidney (Misty) Daley, Sue Whistine and Francis Presley. Also She was preceded in death by her paternal grandparents, Purvis Washington, Matthew Frazier and . Syvada loved to listen to her gospel records and read her bible.

Of that total, 1,, received their power from investor-owned service providers. Cooperatives accounted for , customers, while publicly owned providers had , customers. There were independent generator or "facility" customers.

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Total net summer generating capability by the state's electrical generating plants in stood at Of the total amount generated, The largest portion of all electric power generated, Other renewable power sources accounted for 3. Charles Parish. Oil and gas production has expanded greatly since World War II, but production reached its peak in the early s and proven reserves are declining.


Born and raised in Dalton, Ga. Ruth England of Sunbright and Mrs. Despite her divorce from Norvo, she and Red would continue to record together until Wanda is survived by her husband of 45 years, E. Robert Pfaff officiating.

Including federal offshore domains, the state that year ranked eighth seventh excluding federal offshore in proven reserves and fifth fourth excluding federal offshore in production among the 31 producing states. As of , the state's 17 refineries had a combined crude oil distillation capacity of 2,, barrels per day.

In , Louisiana had 20, producing natural gas and gas condensate wells. In that same year, marketed gas production all gas produced excluding gas used for repressuring, vented and flared, and nonhydrocarbon gases removed totaled 1, As of 31 December , proven reserves of dry or consumer-grade natural gas totaled 9, billion cu ft Louisiana in , had two producing coal mines, both of which were surface operations. Coal production that year totaled 3,, short tons, down from 4,, short tons in One short ton equals 2, lb 0.

In , a total of , people in Louisiana were employed in the state's manufacturing sector, according to the ASM.

Of that total, , were actual production workers. In terms of total employment, the chemical manufacturing industry accounted for the largest portion of all manufacturing employees at 22, with 14, actual production workers. It was followed by fabricated metal product manufacturing at 19, employees 15, actual production workers ; transportation equipment manufacturing at 19, employees 14, actual production workers ; food manufacturing at 17, employees 12, actual production workers ; and paper manufacturing with 8, employees 6, actual production workers.

The Standard Oil Refinery now owned by Exxon that is today the largest in North America began operations in Louisiana in , the same year construction started on the state's first long-distance oil pipeline. Since then, a huge and still-growing petrochemical industry has become a dominant force in the state's economy.

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Other expanding industries are wood products and, especially since World War II, shipbuilding. Wholesalers of durable goods accounted for 3, establishments, followed by nondurable goods wholesalers at 1, and electronic markets, agents, and brokers accounting for establishments. The leading types of retail businesses by number of establishments were: gasoline stations 2, ; food and beverage stores 2, ; clothing and clothing accessories stores 2, ; and motor vehicle and motor vehicle parts dealers 1, A total of , people were employed by the retail sector in Louisiana that year.

Consumer protection is the responsibility of the Consumer Protection Section, which is under the state's Office of the Attorney General. The section investigates and mediates consumer complaints, takes action against companies allegedly engaging in unfair business practices, distributes consumer publications, and registers multi-level marketing, telemarketing, and charitable organizations, as authorized by the state's Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

However, the section does not handle the areas of insurance, banking, or utilities.

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When dealing with consumer protection issues, the state's Attorney General 's Office can initiate civil and criminal proceedings; represent the state before state and federal regulatory agencies; administer consumer protection and education programs; handle formal consumer complaints; and exercise broad subpoena powers. However, the Attorney General's office cannot represent individual consumers. In antitrust actions, the Attorney General's Office can act on behalf of those consumers who are incapable of acting on their own; initiate damage actions on behalf of the state in state courts; and represent counties, cities, and other governmental entities in recovering civil damages under state or federal law.

However, the Office cannot file for criminal proceedings for antitrust actions. A county government office is also located in the city of Gretna. As of June , Louisiana had insured banks, savings and loans, and saving banks, plus 53 state-chartered and federally chartered credit unions CUs. As of June , CUs accounted for 8.

Banks, savings and loans, and savings banks collectively accounted for the remaining Louisiana state-chartered banks are regulated by the Office of Financial Institutions under the Department of Economic Development. Federally chartered banks are regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. As of fourth quarter , the median net interest margin the difference between the lower rates offered to savers and the higher rates charged on loans , was 4.

Prior to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, was on track to be a record year for earnings by the financial institutions based in Louisiana. However, those insured institutions located in the most heavily impacted parishes, as of early continued to report significant decreases in profits. In fourth quarter , median return on assets for those parishes was 0. In there were over 4.

There were 58 life and health and 33 property and casualty insurance companies domiciled in the state at the end of Louisiana tied with four other states as having the fourth-highest percentage of uninsured residents in the nation. The state offers a month health benefits expansion program for small-firm employees in connection with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act COBRA, , a health insurance program for those who lose employment-based coverage due to termination or reduction of work hours.

In , there were over 2. There are no securities or commodities exchanges in Louisiana. In , there were personal financial advisers employed in the state and 1, securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents. New Orleans at th in the nation. The budget is prepared by the state executive budget director and submitted annually by the governor to the legislature for amendment and approval. The fiscal year FY runs from 1 July through 30 June.

Property taxes accounted for 0. The per capita amount ranks the state fifth-lowest nationally. In addition to the state tax, local taxes on retail sales can reach as much as 6. Food purchased for consumption off-premises is exempt from state tax, but subject to local taxes. The tax on cigarettes is 36 cents per pack, which ranks 42nd among the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Louisiana taxes gasoline at 20 cents per gallon. This is in addition to the The Office of Commerce and Industry in the Department of Economic Development seeks to encourage investment and create jobs in the state and to expand the markets for Louisiana products.

Financial assistance services for industrial development include state and local tax incentives and state "Enterprise Zone" legislation. Beginning in , the Louisiana Economic Development Council prepared annual reports and action plans with a view to the implementation of the state's Master Plan for Economic Development dubbed Vision The three main goals of Vision were to, by , recreate Louisiana as a place where all citizens are engaged in the pursuit of knowledge; create an economy driven by technology-intensive industries, and rank among the top 10 states in standard of living indicators.

Successes in were reported in providing economic development incentives, and developing infrastructure for biosciences, information technology, research and development, and education.

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With the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina and the breaching of the levees in New Orleans in , Louisiana was faced with an entirely new economic development scenario. In September , President George W. Congress passed the Gulf Opportunity Zone Act in December , which provides a number of tax incentives to encourage the rebuilding of areas ravaged by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.