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A lot of our data is free, but if you need a Premium report then we're the cheapest in the UK. If you're looking to buy a used vehicle, you don't always know what you're getting. That's where FreeCarCheck.

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Some of our checks are free, and some aren't - but given that we're called 'Free Car Check', we try to throw in as much as possible for absolutely nowt. If there's something scary then we'll find it and let you know instantly. It only takes a few seconds! Unfortunately there are, occasionally, dishonest people in every walk of life and the used car market is certainly no exception.

It may even be the case that the vendor isn't aware of the problems and bought the car "as is" - whatever the situation, it pays to know. There's also the increasingly common risk of "cloning" or "ghosting" - this is where a legitimate car's vehicle plate is copied to another one, and used for illegal purposes. It's similar to identify theft but for cars. If you are worried about buying a car that has been ghosted then, well, you should be! Because you may become liable if you buy a car with such a dodgy history; parking fines, car insurance claims, and the rest of it.

In many cases these can be successfully disputed - after much tedious effort and explanation. Not exactly our cup of tea! So, don't become a statistic. We specialise in UK car checks or REVs checks, protect your investment and get instant peace of mind today for the lowest price online. In the event that we do not hold any information at all on the vehicle, then we will alert you before generating a report. So if you are worried about paying and then realising that we do not hold any information on your vehicle, then don't be - our system doesn't work like that.

If we list the vehicle on our website, then we will have the relevant vehicle data history report for it! We can instantly check any UK number plate - as long as it's valid. The only vehicles we cannot check, currently, are foreign plate ones. For example if you are looking to check the history of an Irish vehicle with Irish style plates, then our system does not yet support all of these formats unfortunately. We are working on adding more EU formats all the time, allowing you to verify the history of imported grey import cars from the Continent, very soon.

FreeCarCheck is a relative newcomer to the market but we're intent on shaking things up, by offering as MUCH as we can with our free checks - and if you feel that you need to upgrade to a full report then we are the cheapest for that. See how we compare with our competitors here. At their most basic, a car history check will tell you things like: the make and model. Traditionally there has been no "free" car check because to get that information from the DVLA or Experian costs money to the provider.

This is still partly the case however FreeCarCheck provides much more information as part of our Premium plan than other providers - and for less money. This is where a car history data check will help to show up the car as stolen, so long as the owner has logged it with police and are not on holiday for two weeks. If you buy a stolen car, it will be taken from you by the police and your insurance company may not compensate you for your lost money. So it pays to carry out a history check but also to do some research of your own via the DVLA website or on the phone.

A genuine seller will have all of this prepared for selling the car and be happy to show it to you. If the seller is reluctant, be on your guard and prepared to walk away. The internet means many buyers look much further afield when looking for their next used car.

This means crooked sellers take advantage of this and ask for you to send money to a third party as a token of good faith that you will turn up to view the car. A common scam is for the seller to advertise the car at a cheap price to attract buyers who will be blinded by the great deal and not do their research. They will even provide you with a registration number that checks out properly with car history data checks, but this car will not belong to them - the car they have advertised will likely be fictitious. Even if you are asked to send the money to a family member you trust and only have to send a copy of the receipt to the seller as proof, the criminal seller can often still access the cash and defraud you.

Another warning sign is poor spelling and grammar in any emails exchanged with the seller as many of these criminals are based abroad. Car dealers and private sellers must both abide by the law, but some unscrupulous dealers will pose as a private seller to avoid their legal commitments.

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1) Enter Any VIN with Free Preview 2) Full VIN Reports Are Now Free. Search Any Vehicle History using our Free VIN Check and Free Vehicle History. 4 days ago Run a free vehicle history report on any VIN in 30 seconds or less! Access the most complete free report available with data from official.

A dealer must tell you about any faults with the car by law and provide a three month warranty. A private seller is not obliged to do either of these things, though they cannot lie to you because the Sale of Goods Act gives you protection against this. A dishonest dealer will ask you to meet them somewhere neutral, such as a supermarket car park.

If they are not willing to show you the car at their home address, you should ask why and be suspicious. Dishonest dealers may have a mobile phone specifically for each car they are selling so they know which car you are asking about. A real private seller will know the answers off the top of their head. When you view the car, check the last registered keeper is the person selling the car. Some sellers will say they are selling the car on behalf of a friend or relative. It means that it is an affiliate link and as a result helps HonestJohn. It's tracked to us and if you go through it, it can sometimes result in a payment or benefit to the site.

Is there a hybrid Focus coming in the future? What's better - winter tyres or all-weather tyres? My approved used car was not serviced as per the schedule - what are my rights?

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Compare two cars to find the lowest fuel cost. Search the forum. As with other vehicle history check providers, there's a discount on offer for multiple checks.

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The AA History Checks The AA's History check includes whether the vehicle is an insurance write-off, the number of previous owners, whether it's recorded as stolen, has outstanding finance, mileage discrepancies, logbook check, whether it has been imported or exported, number of number plate changes and whether the vehicle is recorded as scrap.

The AA does offer a discount on its history checks if you're buying in bulk for instance if you're looking at several cars before making an offer.


Total Car Check History Checks Total Car History may not be the best-known of the vehicle history and data check companies, but it does claim to be the cheapest full check - both for individual checks and those done as a multiple. How much does a Total Car History Check cost? Instant Car Check History Checks Instant Car Check car history checks is another one of those companies that sounds unfamiliar, but stands as another provider that offers cheaper checks that the established companies. How much does a Instant Car History Check cost?

Check your car's MOT history. There are plenty of services that will check a used vehicle's history, but the best ones will check for accident history, whether there's outstanding finance, mileage discrepancies that could signify the car has been clocked etc.